Welcome to the Multicultural Women's Wellbeing Blog

A platform to share and promote positive wellbeing with wonderful women where we can have conversions, look at recipes, have information and a thread of positive stories and everyday life from around the world. I hope our stories can add a little bit of sunshine to your world. We want to bring some light to our life and the beautiful world we live in, Sprinkle some happiness in your world with gratitude.

Keep Smiling always!!!

Sol Diaz embarassedembarassedembarassed

~~Life is a Journey not a destination

Ralph Waldo Emerson

AimS of the Multicultural Women’s Wellbeing BLOG:

.  We are a ONLY women Wellbeing group
.  We respect one another
.  We avoid arguments that lead to strong discussions and disagreements
.  Please do not share false propaganda, political or religion information that can affect individuals wellbeing.
.  We accept every woman as equal regardless of their cultural background, race, religion, language or disability
.  We are aiming to bring positivity in our group and have a thread of positive messages and conversations.
.   Stay safe, keep well and please follow government guidelines , social distance by keeping 2 metres apart

Every woman in the Community

I have started writing on this blog some of the topics of wellbeing and have written some information about Happiness. 

Please feel free to chat and start the conversations
Perhaps there is a topic you want to talk about in relation to wellbeing, please send it to admin@multiculturalwomenwellbeing.co.uk
I will be writing and posting information in relation to wellbeing.
Thank you  with gratitude
keep smiling
Sol 🙂