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We are a community group that celebrates cultural diversity, raditions and heritage promoting social inclusion, friendship and wellbeing. We are a women’s group from different cultural backgrounds living in Trafford, Manchester.


About Us

The Multicultural Wellbeing Women’s  Group started as a  grassroots – community group set up by Sol Diaz on the 8th March 2016 (celebrating the universally known International Women’s Day) promoting social inclusion, learning from different cultural backgrounds, wellbeing and making new friends focussing on BAME groups living in Trafford. After the successful delivery of Language Library since September 2015, a weekly English Conversations class for non-English speakers or participants with limited English there was a demand from participants for more development, wellbeing, meetings and activities. From the regular meetings of the group, female members decided that there was so much more they could do as a group and for other women, they knew that would meet identified but unfulfilled needs of the community.


  • Reducing social isolation and loneliness.
  • To encourage an understanding and communication between the different cultures and their neighbours
  • To assist women and their families through skills acquisition, basic education, health information and integration into the community
  • To build confidence and friendship 
  • To share the culture and history of different cultures by promoting its arts and culture
  • To act as the hub of the Community in Trafford for multicultural women for information, advice, support and advocacy
  • We have spoken with women from different communities in the local area who are very keen to engage in the activities.
  • The Multicultural Wellbeing Women’s  Group started with “ A Journey Around the World” inviting every woman to join in!


  • Dances from around the World
  • Cooking food from the World
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Volunter opportunities
  • Trips
  • Community Support Networks
  • Make New Friendships
  • Wellbeing Support
  • Stories from around the World
  • Improve your confidence, skills, Health and Wellbeing


Happy You

Happy You

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Week of Wellbeing

Week of Wellbeing

#Week of Wellbeing We start the selfcare group! Share your self-isolation, self care using #weekofwellbeingfollowing the daily activities



I’m so grateful you are part of our story #gratitude #compassion #appreciation What are you grateful for?

Every Woman

Every Woman

We Welcome Every Woman in our community. Invite other women to join us. We Empower Women.


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Coppice Library

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